Month of Bahman is a reminder of the glorious epic

Month of Bahman is a reminder of the glorious epic

The Iranian month of Bahman is a reminder of the glorious epic of the Iranian nation that will be remembered and celebrated across years and generations to come.

Before 1979, Iranians were ruled by the dictatorial monarch, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was installed as Shah in 1953 when the British and Americans backed a coup d'état which saw the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

The Islamic Revolution returned democracy to Iranians and even allowed the masses to vote on the future direction of their nation in a referendum on turning the nation into the Islamic Republic or not. The people overwhelmingly voted in favor of an Islamic Republic; approved by 98.2% of eligible citizens, according to official results.

Before Imam Khomeini returned from exile to jubilant scenes in Tehran, Iran was a country plagued with many issues. In particular, the former regime of the Shah refused to distribute wealth to those most in need and deprived millions of Iranians of the chance to have a better life.

Millions of Iranians thronged Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport to catch a glimpse of the return from almost 15 years of exile of the iconoclast at whose impending arrival the British installed and US backed Shah had fled the country.

Iran's Islamic Revolution liberated Iranians from sharing the same fate as many Arab peoples face today. The following are just a few areas in which Iran extinguishes itself thanks to the revolution.

Following the victory of the Islamic Revolutionin February 1979 under the unique leadership of Imam Khomeini, Iran became a role model for the entire Muslim world and the oppressed nations to relieve themselves form clutches of monarchies and arrogant powers.

Now Iranians can vote for their government, president and even their religious representatives. All thanks to the 1979 revolution

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