Who is Imam khomeini

In the year 1902 a child was born in Iran who later on changed the destiny of a nation and that of the Muslim World by his divine uprising. He led a revolution against which the world’s entire dominant powers and all enemies of freedom and nations' independence, lined up since its commencement.

That day no one knew that he would be the one whom the future will know as 'Imam Khomeini', one whose name will be heard in every spot of the world and will remain in history, one who, once began an uprising, will resist against the greatest world powers and defend the independence of the country and the dignity of the Islamic nation and will become the reviver of God’s religion in an era when values have undergone a metamorphosis.

A Man for All Ages

The late Martyr Murtada Mutahhari, by way of depicting ‘Ruhullah’ [the spirit of God], says that he was the extract and digest of faith.

It was this very faith which, bravely and intuitively, spoke of the decline of Communism, and of the need of the contemporary critical world for gnostic spirituality, the spirituality which he himself was its actual personification and crystallization. 

Why did the imperialism fear from this old man?

He was the man who after centuries, like a spiritual leader and an internal guide for his era, called out to the new Caesars and Emperors to submit to the truth, the wonder of innateness and the conduct of love and faith.

The world has heard, and it will also hear, his voice. Tens of small and large countries in the world testify how great the holy voice of that old spiritual man in its effect was, and how blissful!

Why does a man reach to such a level?

Undoubtedly, the Imam enjoyed the flow of the holy spirit of the Christ’s breath, and thus he could breathe into the dead body of the new century the spirit of faith and love, and to historically carry out the desire of all the prophets.

This is why the Late Pope John Paul II had said: "We should respect and venerate Imam Khomeini for the things he did for his country and the world."

Why is it that during the revolution, all of Iran no matter old or young, religious or Marxist, and from all different ethnics, only and only saw one man in their perspective?

The Figure of this Age

It seemed that the whole history of a nation was summarized in this man. Somehow that in 1979 he became a figure, reflecting the needs of millions of people.

He used his strongest power against history in order to deny the empty-handedness of the spirit of the present era.

Perspective of a Nation

Bishop Capuche says: "Iran's victory against the world's greatest powers was due to Imam Khomeini's leadership and people's powerful faith."

It is these particularities which distinguishes Imam Khomeini’s revolution from other contemporary revolutions.

The age of united disbelief is over, and now it is time for monotheism and a new era is starting. Imam Khomeini gave everything the color and smell of holiness. The earth got a heavenly appearance, and the soil got the color of the orbits.

World in Sorrow

On June 3rd 1989, he prepared himself to see one who he yielded to attract, his satisfaction in all his lifetime. He bowed nobody and cried for none except his beloved. Now this was the glorious time for him and an intolerable time for his disciples.

Nothing can describe what went on that day to the people. The glory of people's presence in January 1st, 1979 was again repeated with great intensity in the day of Imam Khomeini's death. As the world testifies the presence of almost 6 million people in 1979 when Imam was returning to Iran and a mass presence in Imam Khomeini's funeral ceremony of 9 million people.

As Bishop Capuche says: "Imam Khomeini was the father of the world's Weak and his absence is a great sorrow for the bereft of world."

Imam Khomeini's memory and mode became eternal since he was the actual real and the reality is always immortal and alive.

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