The International Congress of Imam Khomeini & Determining the Islamic Revolution

Considering that the accurate and scientific recognition and analysis of the Islamic revolution is a requirement and a serious necessity that during the past two decades has engaged many scientists in the whole world, the scientific committee of first hundred anniversary of Imam Khomeini's birth campaign decided to hold a conference with the cooperation of the Institute for Compilation and Publication Imam Khomeini's Works. In the other hand, analyzing Imam Khomeini's thoughts as the architect of this great movement was the main goal to form this congress.

The main centralities of this congress was Imam Khomeini's political thoughts, Islamic Revolution and the international affairs, dimension of Imam Khomeini's leadership, Revolution and challenges or realities, historical, political, economic, social and cultural explanation and analysis.

In the first correspondences with 379 non-Iranian and Iranian personalities, 327 articles sent to the conference's secretariat totally and after being analyzed 117 Persian articles and 97 foreign articles were accepted by the scientific secretariat of the conference and finally 55 articles were presented in the executive programs of the conference.  

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