Imam's residence- Jamaran; Imam studing a newspaper

Jamaran is situated in the north of Tehran and has cooler weather than the southern parts of the city. The Imam chose this neighbourhood to live in because he wasn't feeling well and the fresh clean air was good for him. Furthermore Imam Khomeini needed to be supervised at all times and since this neighbourhood was close to the Jamaran hospital, it was believed to be suitable.

Imam Khomeini's house was in the Jamaran neighbourhood. This house consists of a single storey building located behind Husseiniah Jamaran. This building belonged to Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Mahdi, also known as Imam Jamarani, who had inherited the house from his ancestors. He offered the building to the Imam as a gift and wanted nothing in return. However Imam Khomeini insisted on paying and paid a rent of 80,000 riyals a month.

Imam's residence- Jamaran; Imam meeting a group of people at his home

A temporary passage was built to connect the house with the Husseiniah's balcony, and it facilitated the Imam's access to the Husseiniah.

The Imam received Iranian officials and foreign dignitaries in this simple house, which is now visited by his supporters from all around the world.

This building has no architectural decorations, and contains only two rooms, a narrow corridor and a simple kitchen. The kitchen is also connected to another northern yard via a door, this was where the Imam's wife lived.

This building has been recorded as a cultural heritage of Iran, which is dated the 5th of May 1997, and holds the reference number 1854.

Husseiniah Jamaran

 Tehran; an outside view of the Husseiniah assembly hall at Jamaran - Imam meeting the warriors

The Husseiniah building covers an area of 350 square meters, and was founded by the late Sayyid Ibrahim Jamarani in 1864.

The founder endowed the building to the Jamaran community, and it was handed to Imam Khomeini by Sayyid Mahdi Imam Jamarani in 1979.

This building has no architectural decorations, and contains two floors with a basement. It has a gable roof. Each floor has several rooms and corridors. Repair and maintenance works were carried out on the building in 1976. Furthermore Husseiniah Jamaran has been recorded as a national cultural heritage, and holds a reference no. of 1853.

Jamaran Gallery

This gallery was opened on the 8th of September 1998. The Institute of compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini's works, and the mayoral team of Tehran helped to open this gallery. It covers 360 square meters of the Husseiniah's basement.

The personal belongings of the Imam and his works along with paintings and calligraphic pieces are preserved in the gallery.

It was initiated by Sayyid Mohammad Khatami, who was the former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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